About "Hands of Makers"


This series, and all of its parts, came to me in a dream one night and I knew I had to bring it to life. Each piece of this series is an attempt to use all of the elements that typically just support a painting as part of the art piece itself by pulling in the hands of other makers, artists, and artisans. Exposing the stretcher, the nails, keeping the canvas raw and honest whilst also embellishing, capitalizing on the natural inconsistencies of indigo and all of its variations of blue, and not allowing myself to be able to cover up any unintended brush strokes. For this series, I painted the hands of the woodworker who built my stretchers, the hands of the designer who generously taught me the process of indigo dyeing, the hands of the co-creator and co-owner of J. Stark who advised me on how to wax my canvases, and of course, my own hands painting this very series. As was my intention, I learned so much from observing these makers, spending time with each one, watching them use their hands so skillfully and happily. These are the makers. A hand full out of millions. These are the dreamers and the people who bring vibrant life to intangible ideas for others and themselves to enjoy.